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"If someone tells me it’s wrong to hope, I will tell them they’re wrong every time. I could tell them that countless times."

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so i didnt do every single MBTI because frankly i couldn’t think of characters who fit into the ones i left out, at least not well enough to the point where i could argue why those characters were those types. i felt it was better to leave them out rather than stick stock characters in there for the sake of listing every type.

im sure other interpretations exist but i have pretty good cases for the ones i picked so if you want my reasoning or whatever send me a shout (akane gave me an awful headache)

shout out to my friends for helping me narrow them down u guys are great *^*

there are probably typos i did most of this at 4am

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You put yourself right between the killing thing’s teeth, but you don’t give it the power to—


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d-d-d-duel destinies

i’m laughing so freaking hard right now

God damn it xD

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